“To Life” Sets Record for Eddy Arnold

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The great Eddy Arnold recorded Dan’s song “To Life” twice toward the end of his career. In 2000, he recorded the song for Curb Records. Then, 2005, he recorded “To Life” again for his last project, an RCA album titled “After All These Years” which was produced by Jack Clement and Jim Malloy, legends in their own right.

RCA had planned to release “To Life” on Eddy’s 90th birthday which was May 15, 2008. Unfortunately, Mr. Arnold died a week before the release. RCA went ahead with the release and promoted it as a tribute to Arnold’s remarkable career.

For the week of May 23rd, “To Life” entered the Billboard country single charts at #49, making Eddy Arnold the only country artist to have charted singles in seven decades.

Click here for the discography page. “To Life” is mid-way down.

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